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Kids Camp Classes!
(no experience necessary)
Wind Sock Sewing Class
Flying Squirrel Softie Class
Helper Half Apron Kids Class
Kids SHorts Sewing Class
Wind Sock $65
Flying Squirrel Softie $65
Helper Half Apron $65
Kids Shorts $65
Kids Camp Pajama Pants Class
Messanger Bag Kids Class
Monster Factory Kids Class
Pajama Pants $65
Messanger Bag $65
Monster Factory $65
Intro Classes
(no experience necessary)
Intro To Sewing Class
Needle Tatting Class
Intro To Crochet Class
Intro to Knitting Class
Intro to Sewing $35
Needle Tatting $35
Intro to Crochet $35
Intro to Knitting $35
Beginner Classes
(Intro class or experience required)
Vinyl Zipper Bags Sewing Class
Flannel Blankie Sewing Class
Ultra Soft Baby Blanket Class
Intro To Quilting Class
Vinyl Zipper Bags $35
THE Flannel Blankie $35
Ultra Soft Baby Blanket $35
Intro to Quilting $40
Grocery Tote Sewing Class
Cutesy Lil Half Apron
Shroom Hat Knitting Class
Boxy Pouch Sewing Class
Grocery Bags $35
Cutesy Lil Half Apron $35
Shroom Hat $35
Boxy Pouch $35
Pillow Cover Class
Baby Shower Workshop Sewing Class
Pinafore Dress Sewing Class
Cable Twist Scarf Knitting Class
Zippered Pillow Cover $35
Baby Shower Workshop $45
Pinafore Dress $35
Cable Twist Scarf $35
Zippers Made Easy Class
Honey Cowl Class
Hem Your Pants Class
Hadley Hat Knitting Class
Zippers Made Easy $40
Honey Cowl $35
Hem Your Pants! $35
Hadley Hat $35
Intermediate Classes
(Beginner class or experience required)
Easy Sock Knitting Class
Barcelona Skirt Sewing Class
Lantern Bag Sewing Class
Crochet Cable Mitts Class
Learn to Knit Socks $65
Barcelona Skirt $35
Lantern Bag $35
Crochet Cable Mitts $35
Sorbetto Sewing Class
Maxi Skirt Sewing Class
Oilcloth Beach Bag Class
Sugar Pop Top
Sorbetto Top $35
Maxi Skirt $35
Oilcloth Beach Bag $35
Sugar Pop Top $35
Postage Stamp Quilt Class
Parameter Poncho Knitting Class
Learn To Knit Hats
Pajama Pants Class
Postage Stamp Quilt $35
Parameter Poncho $35
Learn to Knit Hats $40
Pajama Pants $35
Baby Bloomers Sewing Class
Binding Basics Sewing Class
Toddler Leggings Sewing Class
Quilted Zipper Pouch Sewing Class
Baby Bloomers $35
Binding Basics $35
Toddler Leggings $35
Quilted Zipper Pouch $35
Advanced Classes
Schoolhouse Tunic Sewing Class
Adult Leggings Sewing Class
Pencil Skirt Sewing Class
Wonderful Wallaby Knitting Class
Schoolhouse Tunic $35
Adult Leggings $35
Fitted Pencil Skirt $35
Wonderful Wallaby $65
Laurel Dress Sewing Class
Knit Maxi Dress Class
Oilcloth Wallet Sewing Class
Out and About Dress Sewing Class
Laurel Dress $35
Knit Maxi Dress $35
Oilcloth Wallet $35
Out And About Dress $35